Tea business was better for Narendra Modi than joining politics

Tea business was better for Narendra Modi than joining politics

Tea Business best suits the Prime Minister of India and he should’ve been selling Tea rather than entering politics. Narendra Modi failed to convince Minorities that he cares about them. Modi never bothered to care the entire Country and keeps himself busy enjoying his PM position. He never did any hard work to reach to the position as current Prime Minister of India. He used his hatred over Minorities to impress the Majority.

That’s his game plan and he played too much with the minds of the Indians and become Chief Minister of Gujarat. Later on he created violence and troubled the Minorities and let himself free from working hard for India’s progress. He developed Gujarat for his own personal gains but he used his Gujarat model over the entire Country in a wrong way.

Narendra Modi was good in Tea business and he should’ve carried his Tea business because it suits him better. He can only do Tea business better than ruling over 1.3 Billion people of India. Narendra Modi can’t bring any further progress to India because of his divide and rule politics. His BJP party only benefits when there’s growth and progress to India.

But since over 6 years India is under deep trouble. Indians are losing jobs and Youth are not able to find jobs. GDP fell downed and the economy worsened. So, it’s time for Modi to back and resume his Tea Business.

Khalid M Raza

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