Zomato faster than Swiggy in delivering food freshly hot from top restaurants

Zomato faster than Swiggy in delivering food freshly hot from top restaurants

Zomato is newer than Swiggy. But when comparing both online delivering apps, it’s understandable as Zomato hires individuals irrespective of their age limit. So, there’s no age discrimination from Zomato compared to Swiigy. Swiggy prefers youngsters thinking that they deliver on time. But Zomato’s matured adults as delivery executives work hard for their livelihood. They know that food needs to be delivered faster and also they speak clearly with restaurant owners.

The concept of delivering food from restaurant to keep customers stay at home and relax was started by Swiggy. And it was started by Swiggy with two bikes initially. They used to deliver food and in a rapid pace Swiggy has grown to a multi millionaire. However, Swiggy is losing customers because it hires only youngsters. One of my friend went to Swiggy as he was expert in Bike driving and with communication skills was denied the job. He was abused by Swiggy because his age is just a bit more than 45 years.

Swiggy might be wondering as why their customers switching over to Zomato? Even Swiggy apps are getting uninstalled by many customers as they’re not benefiting in some matters. Whenever a customer cancels the Swiggy food order reasonably then Swiggy charges cancellation fees. It’s obvious that customers get hurt by Swiggy’s policy of charging hefty cancellation fee. Thus, Swiggy is no better than Zomato because the latter is quick and delivers food on time. Yes, Swiggy is older than Zomato but it operates no better than

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