Thursday, February 22, 2024
SC of India judge found as Narendra Modi follower – A heartbreaking news

SC of India judge found as Narendra Modi follower – A heartbreaking news

SC of India is whether Supreme or not only time will tell. But SC of India is probably Supreme and can make decisions in favor of BJP. It’s not infallible according to AIMIM Supreme leader Asaduddin Owaisi. Even though Asaduddin Owaisi is a mere MP of Hyderabad but he knows that how SC of India can be justified? 

He supports terrorism and he is the staunch follower of Narendra Modi. But, who is he? He is Arun Mishra and he’s currently one of the judges of Supreme Court of India. He hailed Narendra Modi as the visionary leader even after knowing Modi’s misdeeds.

Mr. Arun Mishra ignored the terrorism in India created by Narendra Modi with use of RSS. Further, he said Narendra Modi is responsible for good relations of India on international level. How true is this? Probably Mr Arun Mishra misguiding people towards wrong direction.

It’s definitely heartbreaking to know that how educated Judges like Mr. Mishra think and misguide. However, other judges might pose a threat to BJP. It’s our duty as Indians to prefer SC of India as legal force and righteous. And BJP’s criminal laws cannot be unlawful for the SC if it prefers to favor BJP again.

Mr. Arun Mishra claimed that Narendra Modi eliminated terrorism from India. But it’s not true as violence in India on the rise and even the rapes of helpless Women.

And violence in India is termed as only “violence” and not terrorism because RSS doing this criminal acts. Narendra Modi is full time member of RSS and he uses RSS and armed forces across India & in Kashmir for troubling innocents. Narendra Modi created terrorism in India and blamed the terrorists to gain the support of Indians by involving Pakistan. This is heartbreaking and sour truth.

Khalid M Raza

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