Narendra Modi welcomes Donald Trump at Airport acting as Chamcha

Narendra Modi welcomes Donald Trump at Airport acting as Chamcha

PM Narendra Modi welcomes Donald Trump at Ahmadabad Airport in the way that suits best to the American President. Modi organized traditional music played on and on while he walks out of the Airport along with Trump and US first lady. Both these leaders not so great because Trump was impeached recently in US and Modi was abused in India.

Not many people present to see Trump’s arrival. But, Gujarat has plenty of Narendra Modi followers. Trump was given warm welcomes from the Gujarat Chief Minister and many other dignitaries.

Narendra Modi leaving aside all the huffs & puffs of the penalty impose by Trump before he began his first trip to India. Moreover, Modi mentioned Trump’s visit to India as the biggest event. He behaved normally but was noted by many experts that he’s acting as a Chamcha (sycophant) of Trump. Relations between countries should be built to improve trade but Narendra Modi seems to build relations to create news.

Thus, mainstream media highlighted Trump’s visit to India as if it can boost Indian economy and can create jobs. But, Donald Trump looked composed and met Narendra Modi and others in quick time. Modi looked bent while walking along with Trump. Narendra Modi welcomes Donald Trump joyfully while India is bleeding.

Several news channels covered the scenes as if Narendra Modi convincing Donald Trump over creating jobs for Indians. But, the mainstream media made the people of India to get hooked over Television as long as possible.

Mainstream media also played music and with special effects expressed that Narendra Modi made it possible for Trump to visit India. Donald Trump already visited many Countries. But this visit for him is very short because he’s aware of what he can achieve with India’s poor economy.

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