Small Industries shutting down as BJP govt not benefiting any Industry

Small Industries shutting down as BJP govt not benefiting any Industry

Small Industries are like the spinal chords of any Country and should be respected. They manufacture products that keeps the Countries to grow as it happened in China and Japan. But in India this issue is of major concern.

The implication of GST mainly affected Small Industry workers. Some small Industries run by one or two persons and require some help from the govt. But, after demonetization and GST it was difficult for the workers to benefit from. Forget about the Small Industries just running around.

The major concern for India is the shutting down of their businesses one by one. But BJP govt is ignoring this and creating hype over other irrelevant events like US President Trump visiting India. Often Small Industries operate with lot of pain from vacant areas of less valued lands. They’re not supported as people even ignoring to buy candles.

People are happy on using mobiles and torches whenever they find power shutdowns. Agarbattis for households and shop owners are only the main product of the industries in India that’s profitable. But, with the imposition of GST it looks tough for various other small scale industries to survive.

Why BJP govt Ignores Small Industries?

The BJP govt needs to peek into the small businesses and help them grow. Instead they’re spending huge money on other programs that cannot in anyway benefit the poor. Thus, BJP has become a rich people’s Party and never cares about the poor. Treats the poor as if they’re a curse to India.

This intentions are so bad that it’s hurting the rich to feel sorry about the poor people. Narendra Modi spent too much money on renovating different parts of India. Wait! Modi renovated and decorated those parts where US President Donald Trump needed to pass through. And that’s wasteful as it indicates that Indian Prime Minister is only interested upon his interests.

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