How much time your blog takes to make money using Google adsense

How much time your blog takes to make money using Google adsense

You can make good money using Google adsense as it’s the highest paying company for ads placed on your website. Firstly, Google needs to approve you in order to place third party ads on your blog. In this case you’re the publisher and Google is an agent dealing with you and advertisers. You need to have quality website or blog that needs to be approved. If any errors found in your blog then straightaway Google disapproves your blog.  

Your blog needs to be loaded as fast as it’s speed of loading should be around 4 to 5 seconds. Next your content blog should be well maintained with quality content. The more content posts you produce per day the more likely for you to earn more.

Remember, you also can keep a category of videos in your blog. Your content should be unique always and your videos too. But, if you keep videos in your blog then there are chances that your blog’s speed will be affected. All categories in your blog need not be necessarily updated by if you do so then it’s always good.

If you concentrate on updating content with about 10 to 20 posts per day then you can make good money using AdSense.

Keep Patience & Your Blog can Win Gold

Once Google approves your blog for AdSense then it’s the first step and a lot more you need to do thereafter. It’s time for you to go ahead with money making by producing quality and informative content. You need to work upon using those keywords which are highly paid ones. Thus, it’s likely that you can make good money every day. However, it’s also required that your blog should consist of about 5000 posts or more. And this can happen within a period of 2 years or more.

A minimum of two years of your work on your blog should be carried on in order to make good money thereafter.

You should be perfectly fine. Your mindset needs to be clear and composed. Your good mood can make you write good posts. Remember, you need not copy paste content from any party. Your intentions should be clean to produce unique content always.

The more search traffic you get the more money you can make. Thus, organic traffic is preferred over social media traffic. Your patience is definitely required. You need to be patient and hard working. Your ultimate goal should be to make your blog World famous.

Look for Organic Traffic

If you can generate keywords that people prefer to know through Google then your’re likely to get searched traffic. This is organic traffic and this will be the source of your income. You cannot get organic traffic in about few months. It can take up to couple of years for you to make good money with organic traffic. If you want to earn good money sooner than later then do search engine optimization every day. See that your rank will improve and you’ll make good money.

You need to be focused to produce quality content always. Sometimes, you might end up with some posts as useless as they discuss nothing new. Don’t worry! The quantity of your posts also matters. So, you need to produce more content. That’s why some of your posts might not be as good. You might be lucky sometime to find organic traffic(search result visitors) in quick time. If this happens then you can start making good money within an year or so.

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