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5 Supreme Court judges suffered serious illness while 1 judge still supports

5 Supreme Court judges suffered serious illness while 1 judge still supports

Thousands of practicing lawyers and 5 Supreme Court judges found affected with serious illness of H1N1 virus. One of the judge of SC was spoke in favor of Narendra Modi and was affected with H1N1 virus. Incidentally, the virus spread from him to other judges and lawyers.

He supports terrorism and he is the staunch follower of Narendra Modi. But, who is he? He is Arun Mishra and he’s currently one of the judges of Supreme Court of India affected with serious illness. He hailed Narendra Modi as the visionary leader. Later, he’s found seriously ill after his false claims suggesting Modi as visionary leader.

Seriously ill Mr Arun Mishra ignored the terrorism in India created by Narendra Modi earlier. Further, he said already that Narendra Modi is responsible for good relations of India on international level. How true is this? Probably Mr. Arun Mishra misguiding people towards wrong direction. But, soon he’ll realize his false claims. It’s definitely heartbreaking to know that how educated Judges like Mr. Mishra think and misguide. However, other judges might pose a threat to many other lawyers with this H1N1 virus.

5 Supreme Court Judges should recover soon

It’s our duty as Indians to prefer SC of India as legal force and righteous. And BJP’s criminal laws cannot be unlawful for the SC if it prefers to favor BJP again. Then, not only H1N1 virus will affect the judges but beyond that they’ll get even Corona. 5 Supreme Court judges reportedly on treatment and we hope that they recover soon and take right decisions. No matter they’re under the control of BJP but they should know that SC is supreme.

Mr Arun Mishra claimed that Narendra Modi eliminated terrorism from India. But it’s not true as violence in India on the rise and even the rapes of helpless Women troubling peace in India. Let’s wait & see what happens to these 5 Supreme Court judges. They’ll comeback soon and start working justly. We all Indians want 5 Supreme Court judges and lawyers to recover sooner than later.

Khalid M Raza 

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