All brave Indians can deal easily against only 1 Crore BJP supporters

All brave Indians can deal easily against only 1 Crore BJP supporters

Zakir Naik told that: “Isn’t it time that we unite as an Ummah to speak out in defense for our oppressed brothers and sisters?”. Yes, Delhi bleeds with Muslims massacred simply because they’re Muslims but why? We need to know that only 1.2 Crore BJP supporters are creating violence in India and spreading hatred. They’re troubling Muslims a lot with as few of them as they can be taught a good lesson. All brave Indians can unite and fight out this menace created in India by these few perpetrators.  

If you know that there are about 20 Crores of Muslims in India. Christians around 15 Crores as most of them converted to Christianity from Hinduism. Sikhs in India are about 12 Crores. We can round up to a total of 20 Crores of Parsis, Jains, Buddhists etc.

Secular educated Hindus are about 30 Crores or more. If Atheists are about 25 Crores or more then it’s again worth discussing more. As many as about 1.2 Crores of BJP supporters are left? These “left” BJP supporters belong to terror groups. Can’t we all brave Indians fight with them or deal with them?

All Brave Indians can Restore Peace in India

Leave aside the Atheists as they won’t be convinced to support us to fight against evil forces. Yet, you can find only about 1.2 Crore of arrogant Hindus. Yes, they simply hate Muslims and follow not what’s right. Let’s know a bit more…

Be brave and come attacking in large numbers over the oppressors even if they’ve weapons. Form big groups and dominate about 1 Crore or 1.2 Crore BJP supporters.

Yes, Muslims remain as innocents until they never get any support from their fellow Indians. Think twice and let all brave Indians get united and fight against mischief makers or violence generators. All good Indians can win the battle against these few 1.2 Crore criminals from BJP. Let’s start fighting against the oppressors using peaceful protests across India in large numbers. Else, attack them hard and get rid of them. It’s possible because we all brave Indians can do.

Khalid M Raza

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