Delhi violence not termed as communal as Hyderabad gets wake up call

Delhi violence not termed as communal as Hyderabad gets wake up call

India is going through a period of brutal violence. Even kids & Women targeted by Delhi police carrying out violence with support of Hindu terror groups. Well, the so called RSS, Bajrang Dal groups also condemned by Hindus in large numbers. They’ve been seen Delhi troubling Muslims as if to eliminate Muslims from India. How can this be possible? Atrocities and killings aren’t done on a consistent basis as it will later be controlled.  

Looking at Kashmir situation it was known that Muslims in Kashmir are still in severe trouble under curfew. However, Indians never raised their voices even after noticing situations of Kashmir. Time is now for Delhi and then across all parts of India. Muslims need to understand that BJP’s next target is Hyderabad and the people of Hyderabad should wake up.

It was known to us at inhandwriter that BJP will create more violence across entire India. And there would be massacre of Muslims in large numbers. Thus, if this happens then the time will not be far for India to become a Hindu nation. If the majority wants India as Hindu nation then so it be. Whatever then happens let it happen. But India will be in trouble if Muslims aren’t given full rights as citizens of India.  

Delhi Police & India as Hindu Nation

India as Hindu nation will never progress or even proceed towards any progress. How many facilities will be given to Hindus in India if India becomes Hindu nation. Well, it’s a very good question. But it needs to be explained in a way that’s always begins with the downfall of India.  

How long can India be able to get benefits with weaker economy and joblessness? BJP cannot develop India or provide jobs to Indians. If India becomes a Hindu nation then BJP will be ruling India still more than 50 years. If BJP continues to rule India then India will be a poorest country in quick time.

And BJP already demolished India’s progress since the past 6 years and will continue to do so. India’s major & minor businesses are shutting down. Small industries and farmers aren’t benefited yet. Farmers keep committing suicides and youth also doing so because of no jobs.  

With or without BJP & More

We’ve seen the progress in Delhi and the benefits to Delhi people without BJP in Delhi. Yes, if BJP kicked out from India then it will be good as the economy will be revived and no more chaos. BJP is the biggest enemy of India. And this should be understood because BJP can’t make India prosper by making India as Hindu nation.

Thus, Muslims might live in peace or live being troubled. It does not matter as always Muslims in China and few other countries faced these kind of troubles. It’s clear that if BJP does ethnic cleansing of Muslims to make India as Hindu nation then India will be sucked. BJP will suck India and live as rulers winning elections every time and they’ll take India towards poverty and famine.

Hyderabad needs to wake up. And be prepared to bear the atrocities of BJP govt as Amit Shah is about to arrive in Hyderabad. After Delhi, it will be Hyderabad and so on. So, let BJP do what they want to but Muslims should try to at least defend their families.

Khalid M Raza

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