Thursday, February 22, 2024
Narendra Modi cursed by Foreign Media but Indian Media praises him

Narendra Modi cursed by Foreign Media but Indian Media praises him

Foreign Media has been spreading news awareness of the atrocities of BJP over innocents. BJP already put a stop to foreign media whenever they wanted to know the situation of Kashmir. Foreign media is currently playing their role differently as they’re covering what’s happening in India excluding Kashmir. They showed video clips in their news channels regarding atrocities to innocents as Narendra Modi cursed. Innocents in India are the helpless Muslims. They’re not armed or have any weapons but are severely beaten up and killed in India. Delhi covered by BJP after they started doing criminal acts against Muslims in UP. Narendra Modi cursed because he has a bad record as he was denied US visa for 10 years.

Narendra Modi cursed & More

Indian media ignored the burning of Mosque in Delhi as it was set to fire by BJP supporters. It also claimed that only few were killed without mentioning the number of Muslims killed in Delhi. But they reported later that under 20 people killed but the figure is much higher. Delhi police played their role as a terrorist group by supporting BJP activists. The law & order in India is deeply affected as Supreme Court delaying to create a law to stop atrocities of BJP. BJP supports Delhi police and many terrorist groups and they failed to impress minorities.

So, they want to please the majority but it’s not possible that majority of Hindus would like innocents to be killed heinously. Thus, BJP leaders will be banned to deliver speeches if Election Commission in accordance with SC becomes good enough. The BJP govt is ruling and thinks that there’s no superior power over them. If this is so then to whom they’ll bow down to be rescued if they get attacked back as a counter attack. Narendra Modi cursed now and he has been exposed by the foreign media. Earlier, there were talks that revealed about Amit Shah to get US visa ban.

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