Amit Shah defends his resignation as many appeals  ignored at present

Amit Shah defends his resignation as many appeals ignored at present

Amit Shah defends his resignation when lawyers appealed him to resign as he claimed he’ll not give up. He said he’s doing good work for India and his resignation can only create trouble. Further, his resignation needs a review as his position of Union Home Minister poses a threat to constitution. He was accused of creating violence in India including recent Delhi attacks over Muslims.

His claims never pleased the people as he’s responsible for ordering police to act on time. But the police played politics as per Amit Shah’s orders and the police was unmoved when violence started. And also the police helped the attackers to set Muslim businesses on fire including harassing Muslim Women.

Police also targeted Muslims with barbaric acts by breaking CCTV cameras. The Supreme Court said that many lives could have been saved if Delhi police had acted in time. Further, the SC Bar body condemned Justice Arun Mishra’s recent praise of Narendra Modi. He spoke all about praising Narendra Modi as a visionary leader of India. But SC Bar Association wants all Judges to refrain from such statements.

BJP laughed and dismissed the claims of opposition for Amit Shah’s resignation. Further, Amit Shah defends his late actions over the violence and not controlling the situation promptly. He defended with his false claims. It was so much shocking that he termed the Delhi violence as communal riots and the situation uncontrollable.

However, it was a conspiracy and a well planned attack on Delhi Muslims and their businesses. Next time if it happens then Muslims will definitely retaliate. Muslims shouldn’t be underestimated as they’re getting prepared to do or die. BJP is communal party and it’s known to the entire world. Muslims will fightback if troubled more. It was learned.

Khalid M Raza

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