Muslims pleased angry RSS man in Delhi by saving him from being killed

Muslims pleased angry RSS man in Delhi by saving him from being killed

When you save even an enemy from getting killed then it’s like you’re doing a good cause. Moreover, you should inform him that he might be killed but you never want that to happen. Thus, the enemy will learn good lessons of peace gesture. This way in Delhi, the Muslims pleased angry RSS man and saved him.

They told him that they could’ve killed him but they rescued him to take him towards peaceful message. Yes, they could’ve let him free but they handed him to the Delhi police. This was their big mistake as Delhi police is obsessed of committing crimes and play their roles as oppressors.

The Muslims pleased the man but ultimately he’ll again be misguided. This is another factor but what they did was good but not the best because they handed him to the corrupt Delhi police.

Muslims pleased this man and many more but the time is running out as each Muslim needs to act reasonably. Muslims have done that as a peaceful gesture but they should not look back. It’s time to retaliate cleverly and they should’ve have let him free. He would’ve stopped other RSS or Bajrang Dal goons from doing atrocities. But, now he’s under police custody and he will be released by brainwashing him.

There was time for the Muslims to guide him nicely as they caught him but they handed him to the police. It’s fine for now but let’s not take such opportunities getting wasted.

Note: Please bear with us for the photograph belongs not to the incident.

Khalid M Raza

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