Rs 2000 notes pulls back govt slowly as second demonetization for what?

Rs 2000 notes pulls back govt slowly as second demonetization for what?

Whatever might be the reasons. But why did Rs 2000 notes arrived earlier in 2016 to the Indian market when the govt now decides against. The BJP govt did nothing to recover or defuse black money from India. BJP claimed that with demonetization they can remove corruption from India & much more.

They troubled Indians with demonetization as in every bank it was horrible to see lengthy queues. People suffered a lot. And even those women, who saved their money secretly had to come out and surrender their saved Rs 1000 notes.

Banks then filled with huge money as people started to deposit their cash in hand and later found that ATMs working not. They were so depressed that in India without cash in hand people cannot live peacefully.

No matter what but cash from the country cannot be overshadowed with the use of cards. Cash matters a lot in India. But, now the Rs 2000 notes are slowly vanishing. And since a week shopkeepers not accepting these 2000 notes.

They’re giving odd reasons that they don’t have change. ATMs are dispensing the Rs 2000 notes every time people use ATMs for cash. But the govt decided to pullback the notes then why ATMs are filled with Rs 2000 notes?

It’s horrible but again it’s good for the Indians to see 2000 notes vanish. This is because the notes carry weigh but can’t be used for purchasing small priced items. Thereafter, it’s also grievous to know that 200 notes also will not be available soon. 200 notes also will vanish and this step is highly condemned because it will BJP govt’s second demonetization.

Khalid M Raza

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