Supreme Court to react on plea for Amit Shah inspired violence in India

Supreme Court to react on plea for Amit Shah inspired violence in India

Amit Shah is supposedly inspiring violence across India under the guidance of BJP’s Prime Minister candidate. Yes, Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister candidate of BJP and an activist of RSS terror group. Indians cannot accept Narendra Modi as their Prime Minister until he stops speaking lies. However, Supreme Court to react over pleas for Amit Shah inspired violence in India.

Bajrang dal & RSS activists have been encouraged to trouble Muslims across State after State in India.

Supreme Court to react in favor of BJP or not depends upon their judges. And some of them are followers of Narendra Modi. However, Amit Shah is a big blunder of his parents and he needs to understand that how long he can inspire terrorism in India? He’ll sooner or later might be caught for his misdeeds. All RSS goons and BJP supporters are coward and they can be kicked out easily.

A video clip showed an amazing fact that how hundreds of RSS activists took U turn? When a single Muslim man came out from his home shouting “Naare Takbeer Allahu Akbar” and they took U turn. They got afraid of him and fled away. This makes us to understand that we can defend easily over just mere 1 Crore of BJP supporters. Each man in each Muslim home can teach Amit Shah a strong lesson.

Yes, Muslims shouldn’t worry even if hundreds of RSS goons try to enter their homes. Just be brave as much as possible. After all, to struggle means Jihad and victorious will not be just Muslims but the entire India. We need to show courage and be united as Indians rather than divided. Let Supreme Court to react in whatever way. Justice will win one fine day soon.

Khalid M Raza

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