Muslims need to protect their homes as BJP spoils India to what extent?

Muslims need to protect their homes as BJP spoils India to what extent?

BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) claims that they would make India as Hindu nation but Muslims shouldn’t worry. Muslims need to protect their homes first and see what BJP can do next. The BJP govt is always against Muslims and more and more Non Muslims are against BJP. We’re in no way call all Muslims to fight against criminals because fighting is itself means to struggle.

To struggle is protecting our own homes. And do what’s required and keep performing business duties and performing better while doing jobs. Never get misguided by those Muslims, who wants you to come out of or jobs or businesses and fight.

We’re here as Indians and we need to protect our homes first. India is multi religious country and each religion needs to be respected. What if BJP targets only one religion of Muslims? Let them do whatever they can but do not be afraid or angry and come out of your important duties in groups for violence.

Peace can definitely defeat violence and this can only be learned from Islam. So, be brave and let no innocent of any religion get killed. Save all Indians and save India. Do not panic and believe in the Creator of Worlds and do what looks good and important to you first. Let us not forget that we shouldn’t leave our important duties and attack the oppressors.

Muslims need to Protect Indians & More

We as Muslims need to protect our constitution and our families. How many criminals can enter a single Muslim home and attack us? They might be carrying weapons too. But it’s preferred for us to try as much as possible to fight against them and kick them out. Protecting our homes is more important than anything else. They might be hundreds of BJP criminals but they’re supposedly cowards and will surely taste defeat. If one person stands firmly to protect his family then he’ll surely protect his home and of his neighbors.

Delhi Muslims have been troubled by criminals and they will be punished later. It’s time for us to find solutions rather than behave in criminal way as the BJP supporters behaving. Muslims need to protect every citizen of India and use the peaceful message of Islam and spread peace. Even if we cannot control the well planned criminal attacks from BJP then keep patience. Yes, patience is required rather than acting violently against BJP supporters. Their intention is to trouble Muslims and kill as much of Muslims as possible.

They even burnt the Muslim businesses and homes in Delhi. They chose Muslim homes with proper planning and left Non Muslim homes. Hence, finally, it’s best not to keep worrying and be tensed. If we keep worrying about what will happen tomorrow then it’s useless as tomorrow never comes as the way you think. Every thing is well organized by the Almighty and we should always depend on Him.

Khalid M Raza

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