Deepika knows Hrithik not best co star to work with than Shah Rukh

Deepika knows Hrithik not best co star to work with than Shah Rukh

Deepika Padukone was pleased when many reporters from top news agencies asked her about Hrithik Roshan. She wasn’t sure whether she’ll work with Hrithik in his Dad’s upcoming movie Krrish 4. But, she told Hrithik is good actor and she’ll be pleased to work with him.  

Krrish 4 is yet another Rakesk Roshan Film after the success of his Krrish series until Krrish 4. Mostly Krrish 4 will be shot abroad but its shoot not yet started. Star cast also not allocated. It looks like there’s a huge buzz over and again to see two entertaining characters come together. This will be the first time for both the actors work together for an entertaining fictional movie.

Both, Deepika and Hrithik are performers and fans want them to see together in a Bollywood movie. Krrish 4 gives an opportunity and this will gain momentum for Bollywood when both hotties act together.

Hrithik Roshan is looking towards making a Hollywood debut and looks amused over hunting any role in Hollywood. Deepika Padukone already experienced Hollywood and she tops the table of Bollywood actresses. She’s not only comfortable to work with Khans. But she is aware that any of the Khans can only boost her career if she works with.

Deepika is always impressed and inspired by the Bollywood King Khan SRK (Shah Rukh Khan). Any film with him can be most successful.

“Shah Rukh Khan is bestselling actor than Hrithik Roshan. He has given more blockbusters than Hrithik Roshan. And he’s of strong character and world famous”. Deepika Padukone praised SRK in this way. Hrithik is hard working actor but not an smart option. Yet, it’s good to work with him. She adds up.

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