OIC condemns BJP over troubling Muslims in India using RSS terrorism

OIC condemns BJP over troubling Muslims in India using RSS terrorism

OIC is biggest Islamic Organization including 53 Muslim countries. OIC is known as Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The biggest Islamic organization condemned BJP for troubling or killing Muslims and burning Muslim homes including Mosques.

Time is becoming brighter for Indian Muslims as many countries including an American body condemned BJP. American body was unhappy over Donald Trump as he left India without speaking upon BJP’s violence. He should’ve spoken with Prime Minister Modi and he should’ve raised his voice in favor of the troubled innocents.

The American body and democrats including many senior American officials accused Trump for his failed trip of India. The trip never benefited America nor it benefited India in terms of trade relations. But, Trump was there when Delhi was bleeding. And he escaped from India without warning Narendra Modi.

However, OIC woken up and spoke about criminal politics played in India. OIC also accused BJP over Babri Masjid case gone in favor of the destroyers of the historic mosque. The OIC tweeted in detail about BJP’s atrocities over the minorities including Muslims in India.

It was the sad period in Delhi as hundreds of Muslim businesses and homes were burnt in front of the Delhi police. Narendra Modi was enjoying dinner with Donald Trump while both ignored what was happening in Delhi. The root of the criminal attack over Delhi Muslims is BJP and they’ll be under deep trouble if OIC takes further steps.

However, Raveesh Kumar believed to speak in favor of the oppressed was found speaking in favor of the oppressors. He had hit out at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. He claimed that OIC comments are factually inaccurate and misleading.

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