Raveesh Kumar exposed of playing dual role supporting BJP indirectly

Raveesh Kumar exposed of playing dual role supporting BJP indirectly

Ravish Kumar is a well known intellectual and represents NDTV as secular anchor. But Raveesh Kumar used to speak in favor of the minority just to gain as many followers as he can for his YouTube channel. When it was time for him to speak against Delhi violence then he chose to speak about BJP. But, he accused OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) for their “misleading” comments. He preferred to favor BJP rather than benefit Muslims by speaking to support OIC’s claims.  

What OIC spoke in favor of Muslims in India was condemned by Raveesh Kumar as he was exposed. Now, you know to what extent Indian YouTube media including the so called secular channel reacts. They seems to show you the facts only to impress you and talk on behalf of you as if they’re favoring you. But when big moment comes in their way then they blame Muslims and support BJP. Raveesh Kumar is not Ravish Kumar of NDTV.

He should’ve been silent and see what action the OIC could take against BJP. He preferred to pressurize the OIC and condemned their voice as OIC favored Indian Muslims for the first time. 

Raveesh Kumar told a lot against OIC and replied to the OIC with his favor on BJP govt. NDTV emerged in India as the most secular channel as Ravish Kumar like individuals involved. And the most watched channel as viewers kept on increasing because of their factual reporting. They created factual reporting using Raveesh Kumar but this man ignored the Delhi violence when it mattered.

He opposed to what OIC commented. Further, he explained them that there’s peace in India and Muslims are safe. Thus, OIC is left confused and rethinking. Let’s wait and know how the Muslim countries help Indian Muslims… Guys

Khalid M Raza

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