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Switching off phones can benefit you but others might not be helped

Switching off phones can benefit you but others might not be helped

There’s an ongoing trend that people follow to keep phones offline or keep these devices switched off. In both cases being offline for sometime might be not bad. But riding on with switching off phones might not be beneficial. And to some extent you’ll be deprived of good opportunities.

When you’re in mosques or in any important meeting do keep your phones on silent mode. You need not worry if you missed any call but you can react later after your meeting completes. This way, avoiding switching off phones might be helpful to you and others around you.

The people around you might need your services on emergency sometimes. But they’ll be shocked to know that your phone switched off.  

Switching Off Phones not Good

Concern is not attributed to be alert always as you can relax and sleep whenever you want to. However, going with the option of switching off phones as the current generation used to do might not be acceptable.

You need to be optimistic but at the same time you need to be online all your 24 hours. This helps people to know that your phone is alive and that you’re also alive. It’s not a joke but a serious trend of going with switching off phones has been researched upon.

Thus, maintain your schedule and respond to people whenever they need your services. Often, you see politicians ignore unknown calls because they think while anticipating the calls as useless. During these moments they pick up the calls of their friends and relatives and keep talking to them as long as possible. This makes no sense because you need to be specific.

The moment you receive a call just try to talk as less as possible and avoid wastage of time with prolong conversations. Try to receive as many calls as possible because looking after the family is important but ignoring outsiders is also nasty. Your nasty behavior might push you to miss good opportunities for your even good future. So, carry on with whatever comes your way and avoid switching off phones.

Khalid M Raza

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