BJP attacking Muslim homes but Allah will destroy BJP criminals as innocents to suffer for how long?

BJP attacking Muslim homes but Allah will destroy BJP criminals as innocents to suffer for how long?

Time is not far away for truth to come out in volumes. BJP attacking innocent Muslims but for how long? BJP claims that Muslims used weapons like swords to convert Hindus. They did speak all lies that we all know Islam spread in India and around the World with the message of peace. To follow Islam and to believe in the Oneness of the Almighty Allah is only possible with peace.

BJP criminal leaders using offending words against Islam and speaking lies to defend their criminal actions over innocents. They went on to speak more lies as they know they can make India as Hindu Nation and rule over India as long as possible. Islamic rulers in India never did atrocities and preferred to rule with justice between all communities.

Had they used swords and troubled Hindus in India then Islam wouldn’t have existed in India. It’s because there’s no compulsion in Islam. The believers in Islam need to spread the message of Islam. And no Muslim ruler in Indian history ever did any trouble over any community. 

BJP attacking Indian Muslim homes using RSS and other criminal groups like Bajrang Dal etc. They brainwashed every BJP follower with their hatred over Islam. They just hate Islam with their jealousy with intent to hide the good that Muslims had given to India. BJP attacking Muslims in India will no longer be accepted by the Almighty. The creator of the Worlds and Mankind and what that exists will never accept killings of innocents. Further, BJP cannot push India towards Hindus Nation by riding over dead bodies of Muslims.

BJP attacking Muslims for BJP’s downfall

When any community attacks innocents then that community will not last for long. Time will expose BJP as still some of the Hindus know the true history of India. BJP attacking Muslims by creating fake stories of even Tipu Sultan. He fought against the British for safeguarding Indians. But in return Tipu Sultan and many other Moghul rulers has been blamed by BJP with fake stories. They’re speaking lies and they won’t win the battle against innocent lives.

If Muslim rulers had troubled Hindus in India then there wouldn’t be any Muslim country in the World. Allah prefers Muslims to rule with justice and with peacefulness. BJP hides that Hindus are safely working and earning a lot in Muslim countries and creates lies. You can find many Hindus working in Gulf countries safely and treated nicely.

Muslims according to Islam are advised to defend only and not to attack innocents. Muslims can fight with those, who create fights only to defend and need to protect Women & Children. Jihad is only between two different groups and Muslims told to do Jihad when some groups come to trouble them & their religion. Jihad means to struggle after all.

BJP given different meaning to Jihad and the lies will not be accepted. And for how long they can trouble innocents as Almighty Allah is always watching. He knows what’s they’re thinking and what’s in their hearts. And He will save innocents from the torture of BJP soon.

Khalid M Raza

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