Delhi Police ignored 13000 calls as they left victims to suffer for 4 days

Delhi Police ignored 13000 calls as they left victims to suffer for 4 days

Victims were vandalized and buried alive. Shops and houses including worship places of Muslims were destructed as hundreds were seriously injured. Over 50 deaths recorded but the figure might be higher as Police responded after everything finished. Muslims were brutally killed in Delhi and severely injured with burns and heavy cuts. Delhi Police ignored 13000 calls, which were made to seek help during the four days of violence. Police knew already that the victims were suffering and so they did not responded on time.

A small health care clinic found heavy rush when Muslims were taken in for treatment. It was so brutal that this kind of matter should be taken seriously. Narendra Modi told that the violence and destruction of India is just the beginning as a sample. A lot more will take place.  

Narendra Modi & Amit Shah at least should be sacked from their duties. This can be done if an International body takes action against BJP. If action not taken against entire BJP govt then at least these two should be nabbed. It was because of these two perpetrators, Delhi Police ignored 13000 calls made seeking help. The action wasn’t taken and it’s hurting. The govt is playing their own games as whatever suits best to them. But, it’s not right to be suffered under the atrocities of the BJP govt.

BJP needs to be exposed throughout the World as the most criminal govt. Even Hitler’s followers will be ashamed as these two goons speak lies always and incite terror in India. What will they achieve? Yes, they’re not aware that they’re losing their image and will not achieve what they want to. But they’ll get what they deserve soon.

Khalid M Raza

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