Thursday, February 22, 2024
Muslims under BJP not safe but Muslims can defeat BJP only with worship

Muslims under BJP not safe but Muslims can defeat BJP only with worship

Muslims under BJP aren’t safe because BJP’s intentions are so bad that they can go to any extent. Muslims in India should worship the Almighty and seek forgiveness and His mercy. This reminder should be taken seriously. The reminder for Muslims can be found in their holy book. They need to react in defense only to protect their families. Muslims under BJP are in tremendous trouble but they need to pray and seek Almighty’s help at the same time.  

BJP’s intentions are not to be taken lightly because they’re the worst leaders including Narendra Modi & Amit Shah. Modi & Shah are criminals and they shouldn’t be allowed to create more trouble to India. Both ignore the downfall of India as India finds no progress under BJP. Yes, they progressed only to divide and rule and able to protect their criminal leaders. They won the battles against minorities with their rule and also controlled the Supreme Court.

Muslims under BJP for how long be troubled?

What BJP got benefited through Triple Talaq and Babri Masjid cases going in their favor. They blamed Muslims that Muslim rulers destructed Temples and built Mosques. But how that was possible? Had they did so then there wouldn’t be any Temple left. How can worshiping places be destroyed? Only BJP knows to destroy Muslim homes and Mosques because they already destroyed Babri Masjid in India.

Educated or illiterate BJP followers are only to be blamed for inciting Hindu children towards hatred against Islam. Today’s generation is the outcome of such teachings of Hindu BJP followers. Yet, Most of the Hindus prefer peace rather than violence as India shouldn’t be left for BJP to rule over. BJP should be banned from speaking against Islam as they know only a few things about Islam.

If they want to speak against Islam then let them read what’s in Islam authentically. No proper knowledge of Islam is itself a major sin for all Muslims. And Muslims under BJP are not safe because BJP thinks innocent Muslims as criminals. Time will teach BJP. Let’s wait a bit more to expose BJP crimes.

Khalid M Raza

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