WHO warns of high risk as Indian healthcare is poor to fight Chinese deadly Virus

WHO warns of high risk as Indian healthcare is poor to fight Chinese deadly Virus

WHO warns India to be on high alert over Chinese viral disease. But, the govt claims India still is unharmed by Corona virus. However, Indian dense population poses a threat over Corona Virus or COVID-19. And the frequent foreign trips of Narendra Modi and rich Indians needs to be put on hold. The high rate of migration can make Indians vulnerable to this epidemic.

Experts fear an outbreak can hit India hard. The WHO has raised the risk assessment as “very high”. The Virus could quickly penetrate in India because of underfunded Health Care system. The shutdown of Chinese factories added further disaster to India’s economy. But, this issue is not that worrying but WHO warns India over the spread of the epidemic.

About 85 Indian students stranded in Italy. They will return back to India but the process will take time.

Indians stopped visiting China as soon as the outcome of the Virus disclosed. When at first China discovered the Virus is alarmingly spreading. But then Indians rushed back to India from China. But, the Virus can hit India because of the incapability of the BJP govt to fight against it. India will find the Virus to be alarmingly on rise in State after State in the coming few months. There’s no precautionary measures yet taken up.

It’s shockingly expected that India will find the Virus to spread across the nation on a large scale. This will hit India hard with large number of frequent foreign travelers. They might bring the Virus or it might not be shocking if Indians tested positive in the next few months. The BJP govt spoiling India on a large scale with their inability to fight against the dreadful disease.

Khalid M Raza

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