Five time ablution before prayers helps to be unharmed from Corona Virus

Five time ablution before prayers helps to be unharmed from Corona Virus

The World is worried over the dreadful Virus and the rapid spread of this Virus around the World. India also reported a handful of cases of Corona Virus. But, do Muslims really can fight against this Virus with their following of Islam righteously? Yes, if they do five time ablution (Wuzu) before their prayers then this could help them effectively.  

Virus is known as non living outside the body and living while it enters the human body. Viruses can take time to enter your body but if you’re clean enough then they won’t affect you. Washing your hands every few hours can stop the Virus entering your body as scientific research claims. Muslims establish prayers from wherever they can and from any part of the earth when the time is due.

Thus, they do ablution before establishing their five time prayers. The five time prayers are performed by Muslims in the early morning until Muslims complete their last prayer at night. Thus, they do ablution every time before their prayers.

Corona Virus (COVID-19) takes 48 hours to enter inside the human body. So, it’s essential to know more about infecting from this Virus or taking precautions. Even if Corona Virus is on your skin and even then it cannot harm you if you wash yourself with the way of ablution.

Thus, five time ablution is the best precaution that every Muslim do. So, it’s up to the Muslims to do perfect ablution before their five time prayers to please Almighty. And then they’ll be benefited from getting unharmed if they do pray five time prayers regularly.

Khalid M Raza

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