User friendly petition polls do rounds on Social Media playing viral games

User friendly petition polls do rounds on Social Media playing viral games

Independent Polls & Petitions are currently doing rounds on Social Media as user friendly to gain huge traffic. Google doesn’t realize that these Websites are actually driving in invalid traffic to boost their rankings. However, they’re so much user friendly that they already created message on behalf of the users. Thus, it works in the favor of Social Media users to forward to as many of their friends as possible. The users think that they’re doing great job and want others to do so.  

A Website claimed Kapil Mishra needs to be punished or not with the use of fake petition. And then again comes back with another. Kapil Mishra used hate speech and created violence in Delhi. He wasn’t arrested and so the Website wants people to vote against him. People kept forwarding the Website link after doing their job. Then again it comes back with another petition poll.

Another Website found using the same kind of procedure to bring in huge traffic. The Website using any issue like CAA, NRC or NPR and punishment for culprits. They’re doing their best to involve Social Media users to spread their link to as many people as possible. Thus, they’re reasonably benefited by the users. The users think to react swiftly rather than find out to what extent their claims are true.

The intentions of the Websites needs to be understood first. Every user should realize before forwarding such links. We’re here not to get fooled but think in our own way to know the intentions first. If Websites claims are true then tweets by politicians can do more rounds than what the users doing.

Khalid M Raza

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