Thursday, February 22, 2024
BJP giving Rs 50 to RSS activists per each Muslim killed not possible

BJP giving Rs 50 to RSS activists per each Muslim killed not possible

It’s a shame that RSS for the sake of few rupees are on a ride in India to kill Muslims. And setting up Muslim homes on fire and making severe injuries to Muslims. The fascist BJP has nothing to do with the use of public money over India’s progress. What will they gain? It’s the question everyone needs to answer. But, their mission is to trouble Muslims as much as possible. There’s no humanity in their minds. BJP giving Rs 50 to kill Muslims is a blessing in disguise for the Muslims in India. It’s so because Muslims are innocent and the killings of innocents can destroy BJP furthermore.

They’re against Muslims just to rule India for a longer period. And if they do so they’ll destroy India. We’re not against India’s progress after all because we as Indians want the best future for our Children. And for this reason even Women in India are protesting against Amit Shah’s creating of Violence. And bringing up of black Citizenship laws.

Amit Shah told few months back that Indians including Muslim Indians need not show documents for NPR. Keep this in mind that Amit Shah use to change his statements. But he told firmly that NPR requires no paper work. Further, the process of NPR will be easier and there’s no documents required. His speaking of lies are so much that one can’t afford to pay attention to what he speaks.

His another friend Mr Narendra Modi is unfortunately India’s Prime Minister. Both are inciting hatred and playing games. Their current govt BJP giving Rs 50 for each Muslim killed is shocking to know even for us. And we do not believe this report. It’s not surprising because BJP can go to any extent simply to be in power.

Khalid M Raza

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