Tahir Hussain arrested on fake murder case to protect killers of Muslims

Tahir Hussain arrested on fake murder case to protect killers of Muslims

Delhi is still bleeding as innocents are killed with the interference of Delhi police. How many innocent Muslim homes will be destroyed as bloodshed goes on? It’s required for us at inhandwriter to put forward the fake murder case on Tahir Hussain as priority. Tahir Hussain tried his best to defend himself and his family. But he was shown as if he’s using weapons to kill Ankit Sharma from the police department of Delhi. The murder of Ankit Sharma was done by the supporters of BJP.

And they with wrong intentions created Tahir Hussain fake murder case to overshadow their crimes. Thus, innocents are being trapped again and again by the fascist BJP govt. AAP govt already suspended their party leader (Tahir Hussain) as soon as they knew that he’ll be in trouble. He’s framed as terrorist even though he has no previous criminal records.

Delhi Violence Continues on the Name of Tahir Hussain

Tahir Hussain told that he was trying to defend. And the clips of his defense used wrongly to overshadow bloodshed of innocent Muslims. Delhi’s Muslims are rushing the hospitals with severe injuries while many has been left to take their last breathe. Killings of innocent Muslims still going on in Delhi.

The World is blinded by the Indian media because there’s no coverage. And the innocent AAP leader needs support from us to raise our voice for him. It’s important to control the atrocities of the BJP govt otherwise India will be affected with natural calamities. No one can rescue the perpetrators if they’ve been left unpunished because there’s Someone watching always.  

India has become a sad history for the generations to come. The crimes in Delhi will move towards Hyderabad and many other Muslim populated cities. The BJP used the fake murder case of Ankit Sharma under no suspicion of who murdered him. But, they reached their goal and wrongly blamed Tahir Hussain and it’s learned that he is innocent.

His innocence should be proved otherwise India will be in deep trouble. We also bother about the good life of our enemies because they’ve only this world to live better life. If they continue oppressing the innocents then they would be troubled in this world and hereafter.

Khalid M Raza

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