5 tips best fits to allow NPR take place at your homes without panic

5 tips best fits to allow NPR take place at your homes without panic

It’s been a long time since NRC has been changed to NPR. Now, the same procedure of NRC will be taken place with use of “peaceful” NPR. The 5 tips best fits to allow NPR will be discussed later.

However, National Population Register is scheduled to take place at your homes probably from April 1. BJP govt is stuck over this procedure. But we’ve for you the 5 tips best fits to allow NPR process complete peacefully. Coming back to the point, is it important for the in bringing of the foreign troubled minorities to get Indian citizenship?

How can the BJP will be so much kind to look after the minorities of neighboring Countries with CAA. Citizenship Amendment Act might not take place as it’s just a ploy to distract majority’s attention. Therefore NPR will be an Act or a Law to make Muslims as secondary citizens of India including poor Non Muslims.

This is understood by inhandwriter as a matter of fact to put minorities under deep trouble. It’s so because BJP always cares about the majority to boost their vote bank. There are plenty of BJP followers and they blindly appreciate what Modi & Shah speak about.

They post clips of their speech on Social Media and claim that India is progressing more under BJP. But it’s not to be believed as Indians are affected with joblessness and many more fatalities.

The 5 Tips Best Fits for NPR & More

  1. The time when your door bell rings. Just make sure how many people want to sit at your home and practice NPR. There might be no more than 3 or 4. So, be relaxed. Let them in. Treat them well and speak about nicely. Ask questions with them rather than allowing them to as questions to you.
  2. Offer them Tea and make them have Tea and spend with them as much of time as you can. Never reveal your names and other identities. Do not let them enter beyond your drawing room.
  3. If they try to be restless as they don’t have enough time then consume their time as much as possible.
  4. Request them to be seated after they start having Tea made by you. And you keep watching them from inside and let them wait. Yes, they’ll shout for you. So, tell them to wait and then wait.
  5. There needs to be no arguments and you should only speak politely with the officials. Come towards them and let them not ask you any questions. And even if they ask let them confused by not answering them what they demand for. Call your neighbors if possible and make the most out of allowing them to sit for long time. If you consume more of their time. It’s better and finally, they’ll leave without noting down your or your family members’ details.  

Note: These are just precautionary measures that you need to take. We’re not aware of the circumstances in the near future even though April is not far. If these 5 tips best fits to allow NPR will be helpful then we’re more than glad to know.

Khalid M Raza

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