BJP afraid of Corona Virus as further attack on Indian Muslims unlikely

BJP afraid of Corona Virus as further attack on Indian Muslims unlikely

BJP afraid of Indians questioning to provide jobs and revive economy and take India towards progress and much more. BJP govt is so far unable to create jobs and battle hard over GDP crises & economy setback. However, BJP trying to divert attention of the masses over various other issues of violence. They created issues by destroying Muslim families in Delhi with their blame game over AAP leader Tahir Hussain. One Police Officer Ankit Sharma was purposefully killed to divert attention of the masses. Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his fake sadness over the killing of Ankit Sharma. But he preferred to be silent over destruction of Muslim homes, lives and businesses.

BJP Afraid But Intentions are Bad

There’s a delayed corrupt mindset but it’s not clear that there will be no further attacks on Muslims. Muslims in India are still not recovered over what they’ve seen in Delhi through authentic reports. However, BJP afraid to attack Muslims but they’re planning ways to create violence in India to further divert attentions. It’s unlikely that BJP govt will proceed through creating more violence in India because of the spread of Corona Virus.


Muslims in India are in some support from very few foreign Muslim leaders from Turkey, Iran and Indonesia. Pakistan is dividing Hindus and Muslims as their leader Imran Khan has been trolled over his concern for Indian Muslims. His concerns might be appreciated but he should be wise enough to support his claims.

However, BJP afraid now. But, the BJP govt is helpless to find ways to please the masses and they’re troubled with the spread of Corona Virus. Their leaders cancelling their trips and are at their homes under AC. Indians shouldn’t trust the claims of the BJP govt as BJP looks always to divert the attention of masses.

The BJP’s policy is to divide and rule and create violence to stay in power. Now that BJP is totally accused for failures of their governance, They’ll do something big. That’s what will be worrying and Muslims should be vigilant and find ways to keep their lives busy. They should think that whatever needs to happen will happen. And it’s inevitable that BJP will soon be wiped off from India.

Khalid M Raza

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1 thought on “BJP afraid of Corona Virus as further attack on Indian Muslims unlikely

  1. But what to do, our Hindu brothers can’t see the ugly face of BJPee. Dharam ka naam lekar inko bewakoof banaye jarahe hain aur yeh log bewakoof banay jarahe hain. Inko desh ki bigadti huwi haalat bhi nazar nahin aarahi hai ke kis hud tak desh ki waat lag gai hai aur poori dunya mein is desh ki image kitni kharaab hogai hai. Yeh kuch nazar nahin aaraha. Bus, inko anti muslim, ram mandir, triple talaq ka lollypop dekar khush kar diye aur yeh log isi mein khuch horahe hain. Hosh mein aao please.

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