BJP trained attackers entered Hyderabad is fake report

BJP trained attackers entered Hyderabad is fake report

It has been listened by several poor Muslims including an auto driver that BJP trained attackers entered in Hyderabad. But, it turns out to be fake and still we need to be cautious. However, there has been an increase of people in surrounding areas of Hyderabad. They’re moving out and going inside their accommodations freely as normal people. Hyderabad people needs to be alert because anything is possible.  

BJP is brewing something. Not just something but everything and it’s possible that Muslims in Hyderabad will be attacked.

Hyderabad Should Be Safe from BJP Trained Attackers

Keep your Women & Children safe and train them to defend. It’s time to react now and remember that Delhi was attacked without any warning from anyone. It’s not confirmed that Hyderabad also will be attacked. But, who knows better than the Almighty that Hyderabad will remain safe or not? If Almighty protects Hyderabad then no one can create any violence or trouble Muslims in Hyderabad. At the same time we should try to protect ourselves. And Almighty will definitely save him or her if he or she wants to be saved.  

We need to protect ourselves and be alert and keep large quantity of red chili powder at least. Think wisely now otherwise it will be too late. This post can reach the BJP politicians to make them aware that someone knows what’s happening in Hyderabad. If they know that all the Hyderabad people are aware of their secret plans then it will be good.

Their plans of attacking will be diminished and it’s also possible that they’ll take U turn and go back and we’ll be safe. Thus, keep calm and act smartly. We got this report in Urdu and it looks to us as fake. However, BJP trained attackers might be staying somewhere around.

Khalid M Raza

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