School Students in India tested with viral fever gripping over their exams

School Students in India tested with viral fever gripping over their exams

School students or school kids are suffering with viral fever & cough across India. Parents aren’t worried too much about COVID-19 but they’re making sure to consult doctors. Hospitals & clinics find some rush as parents of the affected kids concerned over their health while they’re writing exams.  

COVID-19 or Corona Virus brought a new change in kids as they’re frequently cleaning their hands. However, India has no major threat of the so called Corona Virus but precautions are taking place. Yes, precautions are always benefiting. School students have exams and they need to work hard while they face minor health problems. Viral fever grips in Hyderabad more than any other city across India because of weather change. Summer have already approached while in the morning time it’s cold. Experts say that COVID-19 shouldn’t be taken lightly in India as necessary precautions to be taken.  

There are about 39 cases of Corona Virus reported in India. Many political leaders from BJP including Union Home Minister Amit Shah cancelled their trips. Still the Virus keeping people alert as they’re wary of shaking hands. The people in India doing their best to get not affected with Corona Virus. Still, the kids or school students practicing washing of hands frequently but are affected with viral fever. The school kids have exams and are preparing while in sickness. Weather change in many parts of India is the cause of the viral fever gripping over Indians.

School Students wearing handmade masks & More

The sale of masks has been on the rise as medical shops charging more. School students to combat the expenses of masks are wearing homemade masks. However, there are still fewer people seen wearing masks in and around India. Delivery executives to please their customers delivering products including food items by wearing masks. There’s a decline in the sale of outside food. People adopting the best practice of consuming whatever food made at home.  

School students happily wearing homemade masks using rubber bands and tissues. Kids are equally concerned of their health as their parents. There’s no threat reported in the Mosques as Muslims do ablution before praying. Thus, they wash their exposed body parts and are actively praying in large numbers across India. However, Mosques are not that filled but Muslims invoking their Lord for no further spread of COVID-19.

They’re equally focused over asking for forgiveness from their Lord and looking to live a safe life in India. BJP has created panic among Muslims in India as reports of creating violence using RSS are popping up. Thus, Muslims already submitted their will to the Almighty and are ready to face anything while being vigilant.

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