Education without knowledge of religion is not purposeful

Education without knowledge of religion is not purposeful

Every human being is created and the Creator is One. Can you imagine a pencil be created by itself? There are makers and inventors. People invent and manufacture products and much more. So, how can this World with plenty of trees, oceans, planets, sun, moon and stars be created itself. There’s is the Creator, Who has no beginning and no end and He created all that exists including you. There’s life after death and you need to understand if you follow religion. Education without knowledge of religion is considered as wasteful.  

How many educated people in India that we see including the Television anchors. They create fake stories and speak lies because they’re educated but not aware of religion. Religion teaches us good and prepares us to keep patience and be good to others. Religion matters a lot when it comes to charity. Many educated people do charity but they do openly and that’s not required. Why?

It’s because if you helping someone with good money then is it important that you need to tell others. Yes, it’s not required. This way religion teaches us what’s required and what’s not. If you consume any animal without having knowledge of religion then you would suffer. You might be highly educated but you should know what to eat and what not to.  

It’s very good to be educated but education without knowledge is not purposeful to live a better life. Finally, follow at least the basics of your religion and to some extent learn your religion more and more.

Khalid M Raza

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