Chicken shops reduced prices in Hyderabad to sell out unhealthy chicken

Chicken shops reduced prices in Hyderabad to sell out unhealthy chicken

There’s some kind of moderate rush found in the chicken shops across Hyderabad. Chicken prices reduced only to tempt the people to buy chicken as much as possible. Rein Bazar to Madannapet and across all areas in the old city chicken prices are Rs 20 to Rs 25 per kg. However, clever shops in Mehdipatnam selling the same chicken at high prices.  

The buyers of old city and new city have different mindset of buying. Thus, new city shops not only selling chicken at high prices but also fooling the buyers. Chicken in the old city has been sold at a very low price. And at a very high price in the new city of Hyderabad. The tactics are to sell unhealthy chicken and make money. Old city shops making lesser profits while new city shops smartly making good money.

The quality and condition of chicken in the old city and in the new city of Hyderabad exactly same. Buyers have different mindset and shops are doing their best just to sell chicken as much as possible. It’s not confirmed that chicken consumption causing serious diseases but it’s better to avoid buying chicken. People are affected with viral fever seems the reason that they’re avoiding consumption of chicken.

It’s also because chicken shops since couple of weeks were quiet and the shops are selling now on lower prices. Boneless chicken in new city is about Rs 260 and the same is priced Rs 30 in old city. It’s better to take precaution and avoid buying chicken even if prices are low.

Khalid M Raza

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