Owaisi blamed BJP to stop asking citizenship of people as it hurts dignity

Owaisi blamed BJP to stop asking citizenship of people as it hurts dignity

Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi blamed BJP to stop troubling people on questioning their citizenship. Further, he claimed BJP is troubling Indians as he mentioned the troubles faced by Muslims of Assam. Muslims of Assam were troubled with NRC. Now, BJP has changed NRC to NPR. The NRC and NPR are the two faces of same coin.  

Earlier, Owaisi blamed BJP for not taking India towards progress but wasting huge money over NPR. He lamented that Indian Muslims shouldn’t be harassed more. If Aadhar card is valid then why it’s required for people of India troubled to submit various older documents. No document is as important as the passport. But many poor people still do not possess passports but they’ve Aadhar card. He said that he was blamed for creating or inciting violence. But after his speeches violence has never been created.  

Owaisi was again furious over Narendra Modi and BJP. He accused Modi for inciting hatred. “Moments might have done something but why centuries should be punished”. Asaduddin Owaisi also appreciated TRS govt for not allowing NPR to take place in TS. Narendra Modi is human being but he speaks lies. Modi wants to proceed with NPR and then carry out CAA. And from there Muslims will be seized of their citizenship. Owaisi also blamed Television media for supporting BJP and mixing with BJP to create fake stories of crime.  

Further, he explained that all people in India are citizens of India excluding foreigners. If he or she have any single document that supports his or her citizenship then he or she should be called a citizen.

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