AIMIM Chief screams for justice to innocent Muslims of Delhi as BJP blamed

AIMIM Chief screams for justice to innocent Muslims of Delhi as BJP blamed

The Prime Minister Mr Modi is not at all playing the role of a Prime Minister and is not supposed to be called an Indian PM. Asaduddin Owaisi is Member of Parliament and AIMIM Chief. The AIMIM Chief screams in the house in front of the speaker accusing BJP govt over their “Pogrom”. Pogrom means an organized massacre of innocents. Inhandwriter always wants to make awareness about atrocities over innocents including Muslims of Kashmir.

BJP was hurt over the killing of Ankit Sharma and wasn’t hurt over Muslim children killed in Delhi. Moreover, thousands of Muslim homes and 19 Mosques were destroyed. He said any Indian killed should be condemned and BJP shouldn’t create hype over the killing of Ankit Sharma.  

AIMIM Chief Screams

The AIMIM Chief spoke in English this time and condemned the well planned attack in Delhi to destroy innocent Muslims. AIMIM Chief screams this time again with references of the constitution. He lamented and screamed a lot to plead the justice to be prevailed in India. One sided role shouldn’t be played as it will destroy the whole India if BJP continues this policy. AIMIM Chief appealed all Indians including Hindus to condemn the pogrom of BJP.

The violence in Delhi controlled after 48 hours and that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Police and army should’ve controlled the pogrom within 6 or 8 hours. But, they did not do so. Then their raises many questions as Amit Shah still supports Delhi Police.

Delhi Police ignored calls made by the innocents to get saved. That means Delhi violence is a pogrom and was not a communal violence. Amit Shah continues to speak lies to defend attackers. How long he can do the pogrom and how long PM Modi enjoys the massacre of innocents needs to be known with mass awareness. We’ve to expose BJP and we’re doing so.

Khalid M Raza

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