FIR on Amit Shah can stop BJP to carry out more mob lynchings after Delhi

FIR on Amit Shah can stop BJP to carry out more mob lynchings after Delhi

Hatred incited in the minds of the BJP supporters against Muslims to create violence is a big crime. And an FIR on Amit Shah will definitely kick out BJP from the Country. “If Muslims & Hindus. And all Indians belonging to various religions including Atheists boycott BJP then FIR on Amit Shah will be filed”. Said the Supreme Court lawyer. It needs to be understood that even if 5% of Indian Muslims and 5% of other Indians come forward then it’s possible.

Any party creating riots can be defeated. And it will take some time for BJP’s downfall because Amit Shah & Kapil Mishra needs to be questioned. However, BJP will be wiped off in just a matter of time.  

Every Indian is closely watchful to find out the facts. But BJP supporters are spreading fake propaganda and believing what BJP keeps saying. So, fact finders are Indians and are patriot while hatred inciters are supporting BJP with their false beliefs. The BJP supporters are misguided by the BJP leaders. Henceforth, it’s necessary for all of us to understand what future stands in front of our Children.

Thus, it will be good for you to know that there’s no worries for our future generation once FIR filed. The FIR on Amit Shah will be taken place soon but even then he won’t resign. However, many setbacks from there on will make BJP to surrender. Honorable Mrs. Sonia Gandhi also said that “this way or that way do agitation then only BJP will be defeated.

 FIR on Amit Shah might be filed

If people keep protesting together with their positive thoughts peacefully then it will be possible to file FIR on Amit Shah. Yes, time is running out because Indians are still sitting at homes and it’s required for all of us to act now. The slogan “Desh ke Gaddharon ko Goli Maro Saalon Ko” needs to be stopped with an FIR against Amit Shah. It’s because Amit Shah incited people to shoot Muslims. He means that Muslims are traitors and should be shot down.

This might not last for long as more positive reports are coming in. Be connected with us. Let’s know more factual reports from inhandwriter as more updates will be discussed soon.

Khalid M Raza

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