Ghaziabad Ulka Pind post been shared on Social Media in large numbers

Ghaziabad Ulka Pind post been shared on Social Media in large numbers

Asteroids falling on Ghaziabad since yesterday 9: PM was posted on March 6. And since then people are shocked. However, this horrifying news post made Social Media users lick their fingers to share this as much as possible. And it’s turned out to be true but Ghaziabad Ulka Pind fell down from the sky sounds amusing.

Ulka Pind in Hindi is Asteroid in English. People are confused whether to believe this or not. But. it was confirmed that Ghaziabad Ulka Pind news is fake by some experts. However it shouldn’t be ignored because people are showing the evidences of the debris from the sky burning.

Therefore, they called the police and the police is investigating further about the claims. The report had come to light on March 6 and has been circulating in Social Media. Police appealed the experts to find the facts or any possibilities of the asteroids falling from the sky. It was learned by inhandwriter.

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