Indian Citizens not believing Shah on his CAA change of statements this way

Indian Citizens not believing Shah on his CAA change of statements this way

Amit Shah is repeatedly coming out to speak in favor of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). His speeches on Indian Citizens to be favored with CAA is another lie. He says Muslim brothers & sisters shouldn’t be afraid as he will not seize their Indian Citizenship. The “D” will not be applied but it will be applied if any of the documents shown is incorrect. This is again confusing to all Indian Citizens.  

Yes, the Union Home Minister is diverting the attentions of Indian Citizens on speaking about his concern over foreign minorities. He says that CAA is the law to give Citizenship and not to seize Citizenship. He was supposedly twisting words and speaking in favor of Muslims but all Indian Citizens are still suffering. Does he have any answers to the crime rate increased under BJP even with murders & rapes in India?

He supported the criminal attackers in Delhi riots. Those riots were well planned as the whole World knows and the World is more aware about CAA than poor Indians. The pogrom of BJP happened in Delhi but BJP shouldn’t carry it any further. This concerns inhandwriter a lot.  

Amit Shah’s sweet poisonous words shouldn’t be believed as all Indians will suffer more and not just Muslims. Finally, he stopped after saying that he’s not a god to help the victims in Delhi but the perpetrators will not be escaped. He will definitely punish the attackers but how?

He used the attackers to create panic across India and it’s again shameful that he comes out to clarify wrongly. And he believes that his BJP govt is innocent and Delhi victims suffered because of Shaheen Bagh protests. So, beware all Indian Citizens about BJP’s planned attack on the constitution without thinking about India’s progress.

Khalid M Raza

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