Television Media takes bribe from BJP for creating fake news this way

Television Media takes bribe from BJP for creating fake news this way

Television Media takes bribe from BJP has been partly known to the Indians. And even their online channels also do this practice of taking bribes and spread fake news in support of BJP. They create fake news with inclusion of certain keywords like Pakistan, Muslims as Jihadis, and much more. The Television Media takes bribe or blackmailed and hence produces stories in support of BJP. This is the fact and it should be known to all rather than a portion Indians, who know Indian Media very well.  

Well, experts also claim that Television Media takes bribe in the amounts of Crores of rupees and even online channels. This is shocking to know as instead of wasting money on these channels the BJP govt should’ve benefited Indians. Yes, India will proceed to progress even after facing huge disaster since 2014 had BJP utilized Indian money wisely. But, they listen not and do whatever they like.

They’re just playing with the minds of the people. And it’s been requested time and again to all Indians to pay attention on individual run YouTube channels. But, do not subscribe to rich Indian YouTube channels and get misleading information.  

There’s list of a few YouTube channels that Indians or NRIs supposed to subscribe and know the facts better. These are:

  1. Political Tamasha by Dr Arshi
  2. News Clickin (Abhisar Sharma)
  3. Vinod Dua Show
  4. Voice News Network and to some extent…
  5. NDTV or Ravish Kumar reports

Thus, we want our readers to be aware of the factual information rather than follow dramatic news presentation. This dramatic news reports repeat their keywords a lot of times and make you believe what’s not to be believed. Let’s follow the facts.

Khalid M Raza

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