Amit Shah meets Altaf Bukhari to discuss on redevelopment of Kashmir

Amit Shah meets Altaf Bukhari to discuss on redevelopment of Kashmir

Apni Party leader from J&K had to meet Amit Shah for the sake of the people of Kashmir. Amit Shah meets Altaf Bukhari leader of J&K Apni party and talks are going on here.  

Amit Shah said he held discussions on a series of topics at great length. He said that various issues related to the peace and development of J&K were discussed. Shah also appreciated Indian Prime Minister Modi for his abilities of leaving no stone unturned to take J&K forward. However, Altaf Bukhari led Apni Party is confused over many issues raised in J&K.  

If possible BJP govt at least provide basic facilities to the people of J&K at the moment as it’s a matter of J&K affected people. They were abused, raped, arrested and murdered by the Army, it was learned earlier. BJP govt seems to be playing their cards to get sympathy. The present issues in J&K troubling the people there because of the abrogation of article 370. J&K could’ve been developed and progressed further without abrogating article 370.  

What happened since Aug 5, 2019 was only disasters in Kashmir with atrocities under curfew. Women were raped and abused while innocent youth were arrested for no fault. They were taken somewhere far from J&K and put in the jail. The reason celebrate for the people of Kashmir not possible after Amit Shah meets Altaf Bukhari. This is again a mockery over the constitution of India.

Khalid M Raza

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