BJP plannings needs to be understood first as minorities hurt

BJP plannings needs to be understood first as minorities hurt

Minorities in India including importantly Indian Muslims are hurt over BJP plannings. Recent Delhi riots were not communal battle but the BJP plannings started from there on. And the BJP likes to cover entire India with such attack on Muslims as Minorities are deeply hurt. Family members of the deceased in Delhi are still under trouble and are hurt over criminal BJP plannings.

It’s not just Muslims hurt but the entire Minority communities and to some extent the majority affected with BJP plannings. We at inhandwriter want to make awareness about what BJP wants to do in India. The blind followers of BJP should also know that there’s no better future for entire India if BJP keeps on playing their role.

The role of BJP is to divide & rule and thus people should know to what extent BJP can go. Firstly, they control Indian mainstream media and even the Supreme Court? Doubts are still there because Supreme Court will be the first to hit BJP hard even though it supported BJP.  

BJP Plannings & More

BJP hates Muslims with the intention to please the Majority but how long? They keep on saying fake stories about Muslims not even sparing Muslim Countries. Recently, in Indonesia a Woman and a Man was lashed in public because they did illegal sexual activities. The media presented this as if it was a barbaric act.

Thus, people kept saying that it was brutal. They never noticed there were doctors also present there. And Indonesia govt do this always to lower the crime rate or major sins. It was because most of the Muslims never do illegal sexual activities or oral sex as such they’re not affected with AIDS. Yes, it’s not good to have illegal sex or women exposing their body parts and dancing at any shows.

Islam is complete religion and condemns what is not good for the people and allows what is good for the people. Media gone to such an extent that they play one sided role and never show what non Muslims in India do. We’ve every right to think about BJP plannings and their coverage through media to insult Muslims.

They’re creating violence and saying if protests are stopped then no communal violence would happen. We’ve forgotten already about communal violence that happened in India decades back. But, BJP claims their attacking of Muslims as communal violence. No it’s not because they’re using police force and BJP activists like RSS to trouble Muslims.

BJP is planning to hurt Minorities in large numbers and if this continues then entire India will be destroyed. People in Majority soon will realize the intentions of BJP and would kick BJP out with their powerful actions.

Khalid M Raza

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