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How safe Hyderabad can be as Hyderabad Police prefers non violence

How safe Hyderabad can be as Hyderabad Police prefers non violence

Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar recently addressed to the Media about rumors over Corona Virus. The Times of India reported that a girl from D-Mart belonging to Toli Chowki area affected with COVID-19. However, Anjani Kumar dismissed fake Corona Virus reports and imposed imprisonment of 1 year over COVID-19 rumor mongers. Let’s know how safe Hyderabad has become at present under the surveillance of Hyderabad Police?  

People of Hyderabad shouldn’t be in panic at all as all has been going well and all will end well. Various measures and initiatives have been taken up to beef up the security in Hyderabad. It’s not a matter of concern for people of Hyderabad. And since over 2 decades police registered only criminal cases of rapes, murders and burglary. But no riots have happened since about three decades.

However, how safe Hyderabad will be in the coming days can be known soon. And since over 70 years Hindus & Muslims has been living together. BJP attackers will choose Muslim homes. No doubt about that but they cannot create enmity or divide Hindus & Muslims of Hyderabad. 

It’s a matter of upcoming violence as an impossible act because Hyderabad Police is alert now. Yes, Hyderabad Police is more alert since KCR become the Chief Minister of Telangana State. Anjani Kumar is doing his duty with full control and releasing statements after statements to ensure safe living. Let’s say good bye to riots and look beyond pondering over how safe Hyderabad can be.

Khalid M Raza

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