Understand output of Corona Virus first as we must not believe wrong info

Understand output of Corona Virus first as we must not believe wrong info

People are overtaken with wrong information of Corona Virus and are afraid to come out from homes. People, who consume pig, dog, cat etc., are affected will be affected with Corona Virus or COVID-19. Moreover, people should understand output of Corona Virus with some good lessons from the experts. We’ve learned from Muslim scholars. And we are presenting you this through inhandwriter by bringing real time stories for safety reasons.

The importance here given for doing ablution at least five times per day and pray Salah and worry not. The more you worry the more vulnerable you would be.  

Pizzas and burgers need to be avoided and we all should consume halal food. Non veg halal food should be consumed but thrice or twice per week. Corona Virus hits the people, who intake wasteful non veg such as dogs, pigs, cats, snakes, etc. These animals are not halal at all and at the same time never benefit us at all. Be careful and follow Islam righteously and do ablution (WuZu) more often.

Understand Output of Corona Virus & More

The media has been creating misleading information to the people. And we should understand output of Corona Virus first. Output is known to be understood as the number of people affected with this virus are consumers of non halal food. Further, the symptoms of Corona Virus needs to be known for living peacefully. Beware of outside food and consume only homemade food and never believe what the media keeps saying. The media wants to create doubts in the minds of the people and it will never explain you about avoiding non halal food.

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Even Muslim restaurants in India are serving non halal food as they buy chicken and mutton in large quantity. Thus, their suppliers in quick time deliver them and in doing so they do not do halal cut. However, more dangerous are animals, which are non halal and shouldn’t be consumed. Muslims shouldn’t worry if they do WuZu (ablution) at least five times in a day and establish prayers wherever possible on earth.

Khalid M Raza

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