Tuesday, February 20, 2024
April is critical to fight Corona Virus in India but BJP wants NPR why?

April is critical to fight Corona Virus in India but BJP wants NPR why?

You’ll be shocked to know the growth of Corona Virus in India. This Virus is exponentially growing and April is critical to fight against it. But, the BJP govt prefers to send their executives to each home across India for NPR, why? The govt should think more about the spread of Corona Virus than any other issue. Priority should be given to keep India unharmed over Corona Virus rather than harmed over NPR.  

It would be disastrous if the executives whether male or female enter your homes with infections of the Virus. So, it’s required for all of us be cautious and never allow any guests to enter your homes. You cannot go out to spend your time as April is critical for the spread of COVID-19 or Corona virus. Remain at your homes and clean your hands while cleaning many other surfaces at your homes.

Earlier, Amit Shah told in the Parliament that no documents will be examined. And the will be asked some questions. So, it’s not necessary to conduct NPR in April. Moreover, NPR process will only increase the number of infections in India to cross over thousands.

It’s now or never for us whether to fight against the Virus or increase the patients of the Virus in thousands. Patients of Corona Virus already crossed over 100 in the third week. It’s a deep worrying factor as the number could larger in April. So, fight against Virus first then think about NPR etc.

Khalid M Raza

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