Cow urine drinkers will be in health problems as drinking Cow urine is harmful

Cow urine drinkers will be in health problems as drinking Cow urine is harmful

People in India choosing Cow urine as a remedy to fight against Corona virus. This post exposes health problems caused to Cow urine drinkers. It’s even bad to imagine how we see a large number of Indians are found as Cow urine drinkers. Well, bacteria in all waste matters of any living being including that of the Cows only increases. And thus, the more bacteria you consume or drink the more health problems you’ll get. 

We want some Indians to be aware of the fact that Cow urine is harmful even to the kidneys. Yet, we find some illogical reasons from Cow urine drinkers for fighting against Corona virus. It’s a matter of concern. The BJP govt should get awareness of Cow urine consumption. Why not? And why experts from around the World want us to clean our hands frequently?

They claim so because we should wash our hands in order to fight against bacteria to remain safe from COVID-19. But, in India people are drinking Cow urine for health benefits but it’s their wrong belief. If this continues then a large population not to be affected with COVID-19 or Corona Virus will be affected with major health problems.

Thus, it’s objectionable more as one Muslim man also found drinking Cow urine in the gathering. It’s an ambiguous reason claimed by Cow urine drinkers. We want the govt to impose ban even on products made out of Cow urine.

Khalid M Raza

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