Preity Zinta enjoys being at home as she wants all Indians to remain indoor

Preity Zinta enjoys being at home as she wants all Indians to remain indoor

“A lot has changed around us since the past couple of days. Life on this planet has literally come to a STOP as “Corona virus” spreads rapidly across the globe. Prevent the spread of this virus & protect yourself, family & your country”. Said Preity Zinta in her space provided to her by Social Media ginat Twitter. She said don’t spread the virus and remain at home to spread love.  

Preity Zinta further in a video clip expressed that “how many times we complaint that we have not given holiday. Now we got holidays and so we should enjoy the holidays. Please do wash your hands as much as possible”. Said an attractive former Bollywood actress.

She’s the owner of Kings XI Punjab of Indian Premier League (IPL). And is not shocked over the postponement of IPL season of cricket. She looked cautious because she was afraid of the crashing of health care system with the spread of Corona Virus. Preity Zinta told that Indians should remain at home and be responsible citizens of India.

The lady is so concerned over the spread of Corona Virus across the Globe. However, there’s some reports of the vaccine discovered to fight against this Virus. But, further reports might confirm about the vaccine developed in USA. Preity Zina smiled and said in her own sense of humor and she was looking cool.

She wanted to express her feelings to her Indian fans and her fans around the World. Preity has over 4.9 Million followers on twitter and she did her duty to spread awareness for a clean India.

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