Small Temples constructed on vacant areas for land grabbing is big issue

Small Temples constructed on vacant areas for land grabbing is big issue

Anybody’s vacant land or for example Charminar in Hyderabad never spared because illegal small temples constructed at any place. Games are on for small temples constructed on vacant areas because in some time a bigger temple gets built anywhere. And this continues.

But, it needs to be known that who used to do so in India? The real culprits are the land grabbers and they keep an eye over some vacant lands in India. They’re not the followers of Hinduism as majority of Hindus should know. Their main intention is to built a temple on a free land. Therefrom and firstly, they put a stone and some red color powder. And then slowly build a small temple and the temple goes on expanding thus lands grabbed illegally.

Here, their intention is to mint money or make huge money with lesser investment or no investment at all. Hindus visit these temples to seek peacefulness of worshiping. And they keep pouring in their hard earned money to these temple owners called as Swamiji, Pujari or Pundit. Thus, they use this huge money collected from the devotees not to help the poor. But to spend on their personal affairs and live lavish lives.

We can’t say “let them do, who care?” Because many sexual crimes arise from there on. And some monuments and historic structures are also targeted by these people. You can see small temple constructed near Charminar for example or some Mogul made monument in India. You’ll notice that something is changed and that change is of the coming up of a temple on freely available lands. Thus, let’s wake up and never donate money to those temple owners, who build temples illegally.

Khalid M Raza

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