Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Why Ambani helped by Narendra Modi to live unafraid after looting India?

Why Ambani helped by Narendra Modi to live unafraid after looting India?

Hindus & Muslim division has been created under BJP govt. “This is a big virus than Corona Virus. India is suffering not just with Corona Virus but more suffering with divide & rule policy. The lack of jobs in the country is major concern”. Argued a few experts in India. They were also unhappy with VIP friends of tea seller PM Narendra Modi. They looted the banks with huge amount to the tune of 10.5 Lakh Crores. Not just Ambani but also Adani & many others looted the banks and are living without any fear.

The money they looted from banks is the money of all Indians. Ambani & Adani should be asked to payback. Moreover, BJP is spending huge amount of money on carrying out NPR with huge wastage of Indian funds. BJP govt under the leadership of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah always speaking lies. “Who will give the huge money to carry out NPR and NRC etc.”. Said experts and argued that the huge money will be accrued from rise of prices of fuel etc. People are suffering under high prices of vegetables and rise of fuel prices. The BJP govt looting people money only for useless processes, which never benefits India.  

Narendra Modi is the puppet of many people including Ambani & Adani. And the BJP has created some furor with speaking lies to divert the attention of people from this issue. Amit Shah said no “D” will be stamped to anyone with the process of NPR as another lie. And many more lies BJP has been speaking only to divert the attention of the people of India. People are now waking up but still there are a huge number of BJP followers. And they’re just blind followers. They should also wake up.

Khalid M Raza

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