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BJP is playing dirty politics to take more control over Supreme Court but

BJP is playing dirty politics to take more control over Supreme Court but

BJP is playing dirty politics over getting favored by Supreme Court of India as more decisions still pending. The BJP was benefited in the decisions that favored passing of Triple Talaq bill to construction of Ram Temple. It was also benefited with abrogation of article 370 from Kashmir to play more dirty politics.

The BJP govt is using Judges of Supreme Court to favor whatever benefits their Party. This scenario isn’t a peaceful effort. And it was termed by experts as creating situations for BJP to survive in India for more number of years. BJP is playing dirty politics to create violence and atrocities over innocents. This is a major concern as the Media is focused over the spread of Corona Virus.

 BJP is Playing Dirty Politics More

Ranjan Gogoi was a jurist and his service as the Chief Justice was applauded by the BJP govt. He served as Chief Justice between 2018 and 2019 for 13 months. His opinion in the Ayodhya Case for the favor of Ram Temple benefited the BJP. BJP then created mass awareness that how eventually they won the cases. But, with BJP’s dirty politics played over and again to destroy India rather than keep India progressing.

Ranjan Gogoi already made some wrong decisions intentionally under the control of BJP govt. Supreme Court ruled out that the construction of Ram Temple over historically disputed land in Ayodhya was lawful. And with the lies spoken by Ranjan Gogoi. Now he got a gift from the BJP govt under the leadership of Narendra Modi. And he given membership of Rajya Sabha. He is benefited as the third Supreme Court justice to serve in the Rajya Sabha.  

The battles still continues. But, BJP is playing dirty politics for the time being as most of the people in India have enough time now to find facts. One man’s video clip when he reached Delhi from a foreign Country gone viral. This man thanked Narendra Modi for better facilities provided there at Delhi airport.

However, Arvind Kejriwal should be credited for providing the best facilities for Indians returning to Delhi from abroad. But, BJP wanted this man to speak only about Modi and health authorities and they did so without crediting Kejriwal. How long the BJP will use fake stories to gain support from their blind followers? It’s a question that needs to be answered by the SC as BJP is playing dirty politics more & more.

Khalid M Raza

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