Donald Trump called Corona Virus as Chinese Virus condemns experts

Donald Trump called Corona Virus as Chinese Virus condemns experts

Today at about 12: 44 A.M. (IST) Donald Trump called on American citizens to know their responses. He said: “I want all Americans to understand that we’re at war with an invisible enemy. But that enemy is no match for the spirit and the resolve of the American people”. However, Americans condemn him the other way with their responses on his earlier tweets. 

“Then please, in the interest of public safety for all Asian Americans, please stop calling the Corona Virus as the Chinese Virus. We are all in this together as Americans from all backgrounds, races, and ethnicity. We must all help each other get through this difficult time”. Responded one person with yet another tweet followed.

“We’re not only at war with the Corona Virus but also with the dark forces of racism and xenophobia that lurk within all of us. It’s part of human nature and comes out during the most desperate times. That’s when thugs become dictators and racism becomes a force beyond your control”. However, some people preferred to support Donald Trump. And they’re glad that they don’t have socialist leader in the USA.

Donald Trump called Corona Virus as Chinese Virus has been termed as an attack over one country. China suffered a lot with this Virus and so Trump is wrong to call either Chinese Virus or an hidden enemy. Say experts on social media.

Khalid M Raza

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